Honeywell HCC80R Underfloor Heating Zoning Controller - HCC80R

Honeywell HCC80R Underfloor Heating Zoning Controller

Manufacturers Product No: HCC80R

Under floor heating controller

By controlling the hydronic under floor heating via the Honeywell under floor heating controller, the time and temperature of the under floor heating can be achieved via the evohome controller screen.

The under floor heating controller provides for up to 5 zones of under floor heating and with the optional extension HCS80 module can control a further 3 zones. It operates on the same 868 MHz frequency as the rest of the evohome components and has an internal antenna for complete wireless intergration with new or exisiting evohome installations.

The controller is designed with an intelligent control algorithm (Fuzzy control) to keep the room setpoint temperature constant. Because of the used system components within evohome the measured room temperature will be sent to the controllers. 


  • Easy and fast installation because the new wiring design
  • Pluggable terminals for fast wiring connection because clamp contacts
  • Integrated antenna
  • Control 5 Zones
  • Easy extendable with HCS80 for up to 8 zones
  • Central operating via the touch screen evohome controller
  • Central operating via the smartphone / tablet app. (RFG100 Remote Internet gateway req)
  • LED indication for voltage, operation mode, status and errors, RF check
  • Outputs for a maximum of 24 thermal actuators
  • Boiler control with integrated boiler relay potential free contact 42V
  • Switchable between normally closed/open thermal actuators



£244.99 (ex VAT)
Brand Honeywell
Category Honeywell Evohome
Part number HCC80R