Kane 457 Flue Gas/Ambient Air Analyser CMDDA1 Kit (KANE457CMDDA1) - KANE457CMDDA-1

Kane 457 Flue Gas/Ambient Air Analyser CMDDA1 Kit (KANE457CMDDA1)

Manufacturers Part No:  KANE457CMDDA-1

The new Kane 457 is the only flue gas analyser combining the features and ease of use of the Kane 455 with and ambient air quality meter. It accurately measures & records the CO ppm, CO2% and CO2ppm to comission &service commercial catering appliances, flueless gas fires, radiant industrial heaters etc.

If you intemd to take CMDDA1 certifcation this UK designed & manufactured product is made to measure. The Kane457 is designed to meet BS7967, BS8494 & EN50379

The Kane 457 Key Functions:

Flue gas analyser

  • Combustion Anaysis
  • Direct CO2 Measurement
  • Measure CO, CO2 & Ratio

Differential Pressure & Temperature

  • High Accuracy Pressure Measurement
  • Temperature Measurement (with optional probes)

Air Quality

  • Room Ambient Air
  • Ambient CO2 and CO
  • Timed Logging

This Kane 457KIT Contains the following items:

  • Kane 457 Analyser
  • Flue probe
  • Charger
  • CO2 True Capsule
  • Manual
  • Calibration report
  • Infra-red printer (KMIRP-2)
  • Carry Case
  • Combustion Probe Stand (CPS1)

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£779.82 (ex VAT)
Brand Kane
Category Kane Analysers
Part number KANE457CMDDA-1