Vokera Unica i28 Combi Boiler Pack (Horizontal Flue) - 20037856

Vokera Unica i28 Combi Boiler Pack (Horizontal Flue)

Manufacturers Product No: 20037856

Vokera Unica I Boiler Pack Contains:

  • Vokera Unica i28 combi boiler
  • Standard Vokera Horizontal Flue

The Unica i is a high specification condensing combi boiler range. Advanced energy saving credentials  define this product range, which boasts a class leading modulation ratio of 10:1, enabling the boiler to reduce its output in line with the demand in your home, reducing wasted energy.  Its advanced technology also allows the Unica i to connect to the Vokèra OpenTherm control, not only giving you complete control over your heating and hot water requirements, but can save up to £67 a year on your fuel bills.  As well as its advanced energy saving credentials, the Unica i provides exceptional hot water comfort.

The Unica i comes with a 5 year warranty as standard.

The Unica i range boasts an enviable modulation ratio of 10: 1, this high ratio enables the boiler output to be reduced to as little as 10%.  For example the 28kW Unica i can reduce its output to just 2.8kW, so when the home only requires 3kW, the boiler will modulate itself down to 3kW.  Boilers with an inferior ratio, for example 4:1 would only reduce to 7kW, resulting in wasteful ON/OFF cycling and reduced efficiency.  A high modulation ratio can significantly reduce wasteful on/off cycles, which in turn, will increase component longevity and helps to ensure stable domestic hot water temperatures.

In simple terms; 10:1 modulation = better fuel efficiency, increased component longevity, optimal comfort.

  • A band condensing combi
  • 5 year warranty
  • 10 : 1 modulation ratio
  • Front facing, superior Reillo heat exchanger
  • OpenTherm (OT) technology built in to connect to Vokèra OpenTherm Plug & Play Control
  • Pre fixing jig & Filling loop
  • Hot water pre-heatFlexible and versatile flueing up to 40m
  • Energy Saving Trust Recommended


£639.17 (ex VAT)
Brand Vokera
Category Vokera Combi Boilers
Part number 20037856
Depth (mm) 358
Flow Rate (l/Min) 11.5
Height (mm) 780
NOx Rating 5
Warranty 5 Years
Width (mm) 400