Baxi 825 Combi Boiler Natural Gas 7732189 - 7732189

Baxi 825 Combi Boiler Natural Gas 7732189

The Baxi 800 Combi has a 10 year parts and labour warranty* and includes a compact Adey MagnacleanMicro2 magnetic system filter to protect the boiler and heating system.

The boiler is small enough to fit into a 290mm deep cupboard, has a built in pipes behind facility within the boiler casing and brass hydraulics.

Key Features;

  • Outputs 25kW, 30kW, 36kW
  • Compact Adey Magnaclean Micro 2 magnetic system filter included
  • Compact cupboard fit
  • OpenTherm interface
  • Compatible with Baxi uSense
  • Simple hanging bracket
  • Pipes behind facility within the boiler casing
  • Top central flue


  • To meet different end user hot water requirements (up to 15 litres per minute)
  • Protects the heating system and boiler
  • Can be installed in a 290mm deep cupboard
  • Gives greater control of the boiler when installed with compatible OpenTherm controls
  • Heating can be operated via a smart device
  • Easy to install giving greater flexibility of pipework connections
  • Save time, space and money by piping behind within the footprint of the boiler
  • Easy to replace old boiler, saving time
£797.31 (ex VAT)
Brand Baxi
Category Baxi Combi Boilers
Part number 7732189
Depth (mm) 285mm
Height (mm) 700mm
Width (mm) 390mm