Boilermag XL Commercial Heating Filter - BOILERMAGXL

Boilermag XL Commercial Heating Filter

The new BoilerMag XL prevents the build-up of black sludge (ferrous oxide) in commerical heating systems. Compatible with 1½” pipe and operating pressures up to 6 bar, BoilerMag XL is ideal for medium sized commercial, retail or large residential properties. The BoilerMagXL benefits property owners, installers, contractors and the environment:

Benefits of BoilerMag XL

  • Improves efficiency – reducing heating bills
  • Easy to install and maintain – with zero running costs
  • Extends boiler, radiator, pipework and valve life
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Industry leading 3 year guarantee
  • High intensity magnetic core – ensures maximum capture of ferrous oxide
  • Reduced CO2 emissions



£499.00 (ex VAT)
Brand Boilermag
Category Water Treatment Filters