Glow Worm Condensate Pump A2044800 - A2044800

Glow Worm Condensate Pump

Manufacturers Part No: A2044800

Glow Worm Condensate Pump To remove the problems associated in locating a suitable outlet to draining away waste from the condensing boiler, Glow-worm have produced a Glow Worm Condensate Pump   that can collect the condensate from the boiler and pump it back into the waste system aiding a more flexible installation.

Glow-worm’s Condensate Pump is the smallest available in the UK and operates at maximum efficiency with the reservoir pump discharging the condensate in one go when the fill level is reached, rather than as a continuous operation.

The Glow Worm Condensate Pump   is extremely reliable; in the unlikely event of it becoming too full, the overflow safety switch will automatically shut the connected boiler down and the pump’s LED display will flash red indicating a fault ensuring the pump is completely safe to use and will display a fault code on the boiler.

Glow Worm Condensate Pump Features:

  • Smallest condensate pump in the UK
  • Compatible with all Glow-worm high efficiency boilers(current Range)
  • Vertical pump height up to 4m
  • 6m discharge hose for connecting the pump to the waste water system
  • Over flow safety switch
£79.00 (ex VAT)
Brand Glow Worm
Category Condensate Pumps/Accessories
Part number A2044800
Manufacturers Part No. A2044800