Heating & Hot Water Touch Screen RF Thermostat Kit - Heatmiser Touch RF Kit - RF-KIT

Heatmiser Touch RF Kit - Heating & Hot Water Touch Screen RF Thermostat Kit

Heatmiser Touch RF Kit is our wireless Touchscreen Programmable Room Thermostat. 

This model can be programmed to work in one of the following modes;

·                  Non-Programmable Thermostat

·                  Programmable Thermostat

·                  Programmable Thermostat with Hot Water Output

The Heatmiser Touch RF Kit is supplied with a RF Switch Wireless receiver. The receiver is hard wired to the boiler and hot water valve and the wireless thermostat can be desk or wall mounted with range of the receiver (up to 100 meters open space).

Working in the Office, Watching TV in the Living Room? The Touchscreen Wireless series is supplied with a wall mounting plate however you are more likely to make use of the desk stand as it allows you to decide exactly where to place the thermostat. For those with a single thermostat in your home, you dont have the benefit of different heating zones. However, using this thermostat allows you to move the thermostat around your home, so for example in the office during the day and living room during the evening.

Features include

·                  Wireless Thermostat - 433MHz

·                  Distance: Up to 100 Meters Open Space

·                  Large Back Lit Touchscreen Display

·                  5/2 or 7 Day Programming Modes  (Heating)

·                  4 Heating Comfort Levels per Day

·                  5/2 or 7 Day Programming Modes (Hotwater)

·                  4 Hot Water Switching Times per Day

·                  Optimum Start

·                  ºC/F Option

·                  05ºC - 35ºC Range

·                  Holiday Function

·                  Hold Function

·                  Wall Mount or Desk Stand

·                  Rechargeable Battery (Approx 6 month between charges)

·                  Mini USB to USB cable provided to allow for recharging from PC

·                  Frost Protection

·                  Key Lock Facility

·                  Dimensions: 109mm x  99mm x 20mm (Height, Width, Depth)

Kit Includes 


1 x Touch RF  1 x RF Switch

£92.50 (ex VAT)
Brand Heatmiser
Category Heatmiser
Part number RF-KIT