Honeywell D04FM-1/2ZC Compact Adjustable Pressure Reducing Valve - D04FM-1/2ZC

The Honeywell D04FM-1/2ZC is a 15mm compression adjustable Pressure Reducing Valve - PRV bare body without a pressure gauge.  It is a compact and simply designed cold water mains pressure reducing valve that is able to protect a system against excessive supply pressure. 

The device contains a spring loaded, balanced seat which allows it to maintain a constant and accurate outlet pressure regardless of fluctuating incoming supply pressures. The Honeywell D04FM-1/2ZC compact design makes it the perfect solution for many heating and water system application problems where pressure reduction is needed.

£22.50 (ex VAT)
Brand Honeywell
Category Auto Air Vents and PRV's
Part number D04FM-1/2ZC
Maximum Water Pressure 16 Bar
Other Information WRAS Approved
Other Information Maximum operating temperature 40 degrees C
Outlet Pressure 1.5 - 6.0 Bar
Size 15mm Compression