Honeywell Evohome Connected Security Kit 3 (HS922GPRS) - HS922GPRS

Honeywell Evohome Connected Security Kit 3 (HS922GPRS)

Manufactures Part Number: HS922GPRS

Keeping the property secure from intruders is at the heart of the Honeywell evohome security system. From motion sensors (with or without cameras) to sensors that will recognise the window and/or door opening, the evohome security range offers a wide range of solutions to fit the property. All of these devices are easily set up on the security hub and also can be remotely controlled via the TCC app 

The Evohome Security Kit 3 Pack Contains the following items:

  • 1 x Evohome Security Hub (HS9HUBGPRS)
  • 1 x Wireless Contactless Tag Reader Intergral Siren (SPR-S8EZS)
  • 2 x Contactless Tags (TAG4s)
  • 2 x Wireless door and window sensor (D08M)
  • 1 x Pet immune (PIR) motion sensor (IRP8EZS)

 The evohome security range has the option to add up to 32 accessories– now or in the future.

The range is designed tobe easily installed. The main hubautomatically detects each wireless accessory. Avoid damage with a screw-free install Included an optional screw-free installation for every part of the range, using double-sided adhesive. 
Features & benefits
  • Transmission Using GPRS With Integral Antenna
  • Ethernet port for IP connection
  • Up to 32 peripherals per installation
  • RF Range > 1000 meters open space radio range
  • 2-way 868MHz radio transmission
  • Adaptive radio jamming detection
  • Total Connect Comfort International account included
  • E-mail notification services (text message optional)
  • 1.5V AA rechargeable batteries (x4) – supplied




£247.99 (ex VAT)
Brand Honeywell
Category Honeywell Evohome Security
Part number HS922GPRS