Honeywell Evohome Zoning Pack (HR804UK) - HR804UK

Honeywell Evohome Zoning Pack


Manufacturers Part No: HR804UK

The Honeywell Evohome Zoning Pack from Plumbarena contains:

  • Honeywell Wireless HR80UK Radiator TRV RF Controllers x4

The HR80UK provides individual radiator control with multi point boiler interlock in heating systems where zoning is required. It can be fitted easily to any conventional radiator valve.

The associated controller (eg evotouch or CM927) provides the setpoint via the wireless connection. The internal sensor of the HR80UK measures the local air temperature, compares this with the setpoint and adjusts the valve until the desired temperature is attained.

If the HR80UK detects a sudden drop in temperature (ie if a window or door is opened) then the valve will be moved to a closed position to save energy. Normal operation will be resumed automatically once the window or door is closed.

The HR80UK can be manually adjusted to temporarily override the set temperature from the controller. This will create a demand and fire the boiler, until the next switching time at the controller.
Fits most TRV bodies with 30mm connecting ring. Pack contains adaptors for Danfoss RA and Caleffi valves .Batteries are also included.


£157.50 (ex VAT)
Brand Honeywell
Category Honeywell Top Sellers
Part number HR804UK