Neomitis Wireless Digital Room Thermostat RT0RF - RT0RF

Neomitis Wireless Digital Room Thermostat RT0RF

This digital room thermostat has been designed for easy operation and is intended to make your life easier and help you save energy and money. The extra large LCD and ambient temperature digits mean that the display can be read from across the room and the simple rotary dial makes it the perfect for everyone who wants a digital thermostat that is easy to understand.  

This digital thermostat is just one of a range of products that can provide the right solution for controlling your heating system in an easy and efficient way, whether it is a new installation or an improvement to an existing one. 


  •  Stylish and slim. 
  •  Quick and easy to install, no cable to install, which means no decorative repair or flooring to disturb.
  •  Suitable for all heating applications.
  •  Extra large ambient temperature display. 
  •  Easy to turn rotary control. 
  •  Energy savings from TPI control. 
  •  Reliable RF transmission, the ideal solution in home renovation: reliability, performance and easy to install. 
  •  Heating indication at thermostat and RF receiver. 
  •  RF receiver has built in temperature watchdog for additional frost protection
£51.70 (ex VAT)
Brand Neomitis
Category Neomitis Wireless Controls
Part number RT0RF