Nerrad Bilateral Wrench Pack (8",10",12") - NTVBWPACK

Nerrad Bilateral Wrench Pack (8",10",12") Offer pack 

This pack contains the following products: 

  • Nerrad Variable Bilateral 8" x 36mm Wrench NTVBW305
  • Nerrad Variable Bilateral 10" x 46mm Wrench NTVBW310
  • Nerrad Variable Bilateral 12" x 60mm Wrench NTVBW315
The grip on the wrenches is provided by A 10:1 force ratio from the handles of the wrench to the jaw of the wrench. The Ratchet wrenches allow you to release the handles and slightly turn on the return stroke with out removing the wrench jaws from the fitting. This is due to the unique design of these particular wrenches. 
Can be used on anything from siezed nuts to chrome plated fittings, without fear of damaging them. Jaws are consistently parallel in every adjustment posistion.
£129.00 (ex VAT)
Brand Nerrad Tools
Category Nerrad Tools
Part number NTVBWPACK