Nerrad Firejet Blow Torch (NTFJ500) Disposable Gas - NTFJ500

Nerrad Firejet Blow Torch (NTFJ500)

The NTF500 is for use with disposable MAPP & Propane CGA 600 Clyinders. Please Click Here for the Firejet for use with Refillable Gas Cylinders.

The New Nerrad Firejet has evolved from a classic blow torch design to include some all important features and enhance it’s usability...

Firstly a nozzle that can be stripped down to give instant access to the diffuser. Should you be unfortunate enough to drip solder or flux onto it, there’s almost no down time as it can removed, cleaned and re-assembled. However, should the diffuser be uncleanable then a new one can be purchased separately.

Secondly, no matter how careful you are, sometimes accidents do happen! The common one is to finish soldering, extinguish the flame and put the gas/torch back on the carpet…only to turn round and knock it over! No matter how quickly you realise and stand the bottle back up, it’s too late and you’ve charred the customers carpet. Therefore, we’ve engineered our nozzles to not get too hot, thus avoiding this potentially unpleasant and costly mistake.

The NTFJ500 has connector for disposable (MAPP and PROPANE) CGA 600 gas cylinders:

Nerrad have engineered the nozzles on the FIREJET to not get too hot! As you can see from the image, it is cool enough to touch even during use.

The nozzle on our Blow Torch can be easily taken apart and the diffuser removed to allow it to be cleaned.

£48.97 (ex VAT)
Brand Nerrad Tools
Category Nerrad Tools
Part number NTFJ500