Sentinel X900 Filter Aid 500ml - X900

Sentinel X900 Filter Aid 500ml

Manufacturers Part No:  X900

Sentinel X900 Filter Aid 500ml Is part of the Sentinel Water Treatment Range From Plumbarena.

It is increasingly common practice to fit an in-line filter on a central heating system to remove circulating debris and prevent the accumulation of sludge and deposits.

If allowed to circulate in the system water, this debris can cause wear and premature failure of pumps and valves, or can settle, causing blockages and upsetting the balance of the system, resulting in loss of boiler efficiency and system effectiveness.

This debris often settles out of circulation in the less turbulent parts of the circuit where it cannot be captured by the filter.

This settled material upsets the hydrodynamic balance, reduces boiler efficiency and provokes under-deposit corrosion. Sentinel X900 Filter Aid has been formulated to be able to penetrate, free and lift such debris into circulation where it can then be successfully captured by the in-line filter.

  • Frees and lifts hidden debris
  • Helps filters to better capture circulating solids
  • Suitable for use with all filter types
  • Stays in the system to prevent sludge build up
  • Suitable for all metals, including aluminium
  • Easy to dose
  • Can be used in all types of indirect heating systems

Sentinel X900 Filter Aid 500ml Dosage:

500mls of Sentinel X900 Filter Aid is sufficient for a typical domestic system of 8 to 10 radiator panels.


£19.99 (ex VAT)
Brand Sentinel
Category Sentinel Treatment Chemicals
Part number X900