Vaillant ecoLEVEL Condensate Pump (0020030797) - 0020030797

Vaillant ecoLEVEL Condensate Pump

Manufacturers Part No:  0020030797

Vaillant eco-level condensate pump is part of the condensate pump range from Plumbarena

Vaillant Eco-level Condensate Pump
removes condensate from the boiler solving problems encountered where a high efficiency boiler is installed remotely from the waste drain system.

Small and neat in appearance, the Vaillant Eco-level Condensate Pump is also extremely quiet when running, and will be unobtrusive when installed in almost all areas of the home.

Two status indictators on the Vaillant Eco-level Condensate Pump show when the pump is operating and when there is a fault. The integrated alarm cable is fitted with connectors to enable simple connection to ecoTEC high efficiency boilers.

Vaillant Eco-level Condensate Pump Features and Benefits:

  • Compact & neat design.
  • LED status indicators.
  • Can pump 150 litres per hour.
  • Can pump up to 4 meters high.
  • Pre-fitted cable for connection to Vaillant ecoTEC Boilers.
  • Extremely quiet.



£137.26 (ex VAT)
Brand Vaillant
Category Condensate Pumps/Accessories
Part number 0020030797