Worcester Bosch EasyControl White Plus 3 ETRVs - 7736701555 - 7736701555

Worcester Bosch EasyControl White Plus 3 ETRVs - 7736701555

The new smart internet-connected heating and hot water thermostat from Bosch makes everything easy and gives your customers complete control.

When combined with our Smart TRVs, homeowners can easily control the heating in each individual room, meaning they can achieve the perfect heating environment by deciding the times, temperature and which rooms they want to heat all from their smart device.

The device can be connected to the boiler using a 2-core cable. Once connected to the internet, the simple set-up is completed using the EasyControl app.

You can also add your contact details into your customer’s device to be the first point of contact when the heating system needs a service.

The EasyControl is compatible with Bosch Smart TRVs, which allow precise temperature control in each room via the EasyControl unit and app.


Smart TRV201s are can be purchased individually or in a EasyControl TRV set, which includes a Bosch EasyControl (available in black or white) and three Smart TRVs.

£244.75 (ex VAT)
Brand Worcester
Category Heating Control Packs
Part number 7736701555