Worcester CondenseSure Condense Siphon (7716192746) - 7716192746

Worcester CondenseSure Condense Siphon (7716192746)

Manufacturers Part No: 7716192746

The Worcester CondenseSure product is entirely flexible allowing it to be fitted with any condensing boiler , either at the time of installation or in retrofit scenarios.

How The Worcester CondenseSure Works

CondenseSure consists of a syphonic trap and insulation, which connects to the condensate outlet pipe of the boiler and can then be attached to the heating flow pipe of the boiler.

As the condensate discharge pipework leaves the boiler, the condensate is collected in the CondenseSure syphon. The condensate subsequently discharges automatically in 500ml quantities through the externally run discharge pipework to drain outside.

The volume of the condensate discharged, together with the additional free ‘parasitic’ heat from the boiler flow-pipe produces the anti-freezing effect.

Unlike some of the other devices on the market, no electricity is required to prevent the condensate from freezing.

  • No power consumption
  • No electrical wiring connection or supply needed, meaning zero running costs
  • No moving parts No failure of components
  • Can be installed on new or existing installations Suitable for any gas- or oil-fired condensing boilers
  • Can be attached to 22mm heating flow pipework Uses ‘free’ energy from the pipe to heat the condensate
  • Can be installed under the boiler or wall mounted away from the appliance Flexibility
  • No electrical connections No electrician needed
  • No pipe insulation needed Cost saving and aesthetically pleasing


£28.00 (ex VAT)
Brand Worcester
Category Condensate Pumps/Accessories
Part number 7716192746